Our mission for Sea urchin

Seasonal sea urchins from all over Hokkaido are gathered in Nemuro and carefully selected one by one for taste, color and shape, directly arriving from Nemuro. 

We use sea urchins from Nemuro that are carefully selected for its freshness and quality. We use plenty of sea urchin and salmon to make our proud dish, [Unigiri appetizer]. 

Other dishes we serve include the simple yet luxurious “Sea urchin rice bowl” and “Sea urchin Sashimi”. Fresh, sweet and richly served as it is, which is a must for sea urchin lovers.

Our mission for Kinki Fish

Kinki, a fish that lives off the southern coast of Hokkaido, is a fatty and very tasty fish. Local fishermen use cooking methods such as “grilling”, “Simmering in sauce” as well as “boiling” to eat this fish. 

At our store, in order to serve the Kinki in its natural condition, we prepare the fish by grilling with salt or boiling. Highly nutritious, soft meat, and good fat content makes this a good, high quality fish.  

Our mission for fresh fish

Fresh fish that comes from Nemuro changes depending on the day, so we prepare fish in a variety of ways such as serving sashimi, grilling, and other ways as today’s recommendation. 

Our mission for alcohol

Not only food, but we prepare alcohol that matches the seasons. Seasonal sake is ordered from all over Japan and served daily to match the day’s dishes. Enjoy a perfect drink to go with our signature dishes. In addition to our special sake, we offer a selection of shochu and other drinks to enjoy with your meal! 

Store atmosphere
Store atmosphere

Our mission for creating space

The concept of this restaurant is to provide a restful space where you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed, modern Japanese atmosphere to enhance your food experience. Our store offers counter seats and table seats, with table seats for two and booth seats for banquets. Please use our booths for any banquet occasions. 

Our mission for seats

Our store has a total of 7 counter tables set up. We want you to spend time with the important people in your life by eating delicious food and drinking delicious sake. The counter seats allow you to see and enjoy the atmosphere of the fun cooking process. On a special day, with a special someone, we welcome you to enjoy a fun time. 


Our store offers numerous a la carte dishes using a variety of fresh ingredients.
To say the least, we recommend [Uniku]. It is our preference to use Hokkaido beef and we combine it with fresh sea urchin that goes very well together. 
We also serve Kinki dishes and vegetables, rice bowls, and desserts.  

Our store’s specialty, “Kinki yu-ni” is a must-order for celebratory occasions.
You can take from the production, presentation, and taste of the dish!
It will surely become a memorable day for the star. 
However, as a specialty and a must-try item, anyone is welcomed to order this dish♪ 

On a special day, perfect for a special person.
We have a recommended special plan for those who set up a luxurious banquet! Don’t miss the lavish lineup of fresh, seasonal ingredients!
Hokkaido Wagyu sirloin beef and fresh sea urchin and crab directly from Nemuro.
As a closing, sea urchin rice bowls will surely leave you fully satisfied.

Shop information
Shop information

Store NameUnitokinkikiju 
AddressHokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 6 Jonishi, 4 Chome-5-11 
 Jasmac Sapporo 2F
Phone Number 011‐596‐7733
Opening time・Closing time17:00~24:00
Days Closed  Every Sunday